Plantsurge magnetic garden water softener

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Plantsurge garden water softener

The Plantsurge garden water softener improves plant growing performance. Independent trials in the UK showed Plantsurge improved increased flowering in both indoor & outdoor plant varieties by an average of 80% compared with tap water. Other tested benefits by gardeners showed improved seed performance, stronger root ball, faster more abundant flowering, and healthier plants.

Plantsurge uses no power, needs no maintenance or replacing, clips strongly and easily to the garden water pipe or plastic hose pipe, is weatherproof and will last a lifetime. 

How does Plantsurge actually work?

If you have you ever noticed just how vibrant and healthy your plants and gardens look after a thunderstorm, it’s because these effects are caused by the electrical charge in the rainwater. Plantsurge harnesses the power of magnets to give a similar effect on your plants, effects proven from independent plant trials, observations by commercial growers, professional gardeners and hobby plant enthusiasts.

 Zmiękczacz wody na rurkę i wąż ogrodowy Plantsurge

Just how does the Plantsurge magnetic fields cause such significantly stronger, healthier plant growth than both tap water and collected rain water?

Professor Coey from Dublin University, whose areas of research include magneto electrochemistry and magnetobiology has conducted extensive studies which showed when hard water flows across static magnetic fields, the magnetic charge increases the aragonite to calcite ratio. These two compounds make up the calcium deposits in hard water. Calcite makes scale cling to surfaces whereas aragonite is less likely to form scale and keeps moving along with the water. Many gardeners believe that limescale has a negative impact on the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Furthermore, even where soft water is already present, magnetic fields which mimic the effects of thunderstorms on rainfall cause a decrease in surface tension and an increase in the viscosity of the treated water. Many keen gardeners will have noticed how gardens appear lusher after a thunderstorm.

The advantages of magnetic water softeners for garden use, are that unlike traditional methods, no chemicals (sodium or resins) are added to the water supply, beneficial minerals are not removed, and the water pH remains unchanged. Plantsurge treated water improves hydration and the uptake of minerals from the soil into the root system. As a result of this Plantsurge also increases the effectiveness of soil enhancers such as fertilisers and composts.

Plantsurge has been designed in the UK by Gavin Reay, the creative boffin and industrial designer with his own company, Industrial Design Innovators.

How to install Plantsurge?

Plantsurge is so easy to fit, it can be clipped on to a 15 mm metal water pipe or plastic garden hose in under 15 seconds. There are no pipes to cut, no electrical mains supply required, no corrosive salts are added to the water system and there are no running costs or maintenance required. We also supply a larger unit for pipes over 15 mm.

  • Easy to fit, clip to water pipe or garden hose in under 15 seconds.
  • No pipes to cut, no electrical mains supply required, no corrosive salts.
  • No running costs or maintenance required. 


Where is the best place to fit Plantsurge?

The ideal place to fit Plantsurge is to clip it on to an outdoor hose pipe connected to the top of a cold-water tap, see image example below. Many users buy two or three items (they make great big savings) because they use it to water indoor plants, to do this they clip it onto the cold-water pipe under the kitchen sink.

Tap water will stay magnetised for 2-3 days, which means you can use in watering cans or containers without losing any benefits.

Why Is Plantsurge such an effective garden water softener?

Plantsurge uses magnets instead of chemicals (resins and sodium) to stop limescale, the magnetic fields on flowing hard water alter the structure of the mineral salts preventing them from sticking to pipes and becoming hard scale. It does not remove the beneficial minerals and nutrients or change the pH of the water.

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